Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recent Finds - Letting the cat out of the bag

It's been awhile since I let the cat out of the bag on some of my recent thrift store finds. This afternoon Petite Poe took a few photos.

The above was a serious score. This three-drawer letter press box now holds my jewelry. When I found it in the thrift store it was stocked with vintage buttons, still on their paper from the store. 

Little Pie in a darling sweater from Anthropologie, $5.

My favorite hand knit sweater from Nordstrom, $5. Necklace from Sundance, $1.50. Jeans and blouse, $8. The sweater initially retailed a couple hundred bucks.

Little Hippie Pie. The skirt is thrift and the blouse and riding boots are hand-me-downs.

Vintage curios. But what's really cool is the table.

This antique drafting table takes prominence in our living room. It was $3.

Summer blouse and skirt, $5, with my favorite old Rocket Dog boots - they give me serious attitude.

Handmade Italian shoes for Little Pie, $4. I was worse than Cinderella's red-eye mean step sister trying to make them fit me. The little black dress was $3 from Divided at H&M.

Enjoying some three buck chuck in my great grandmother's Baccarat tumblers. Life is rather sweet when your smart and cheap. Note the copper ring, $4. I wear it to remind me that pennies count.


Catherine @ American Dream Finder said...

Love it! Have missed your finds posts. Kudos for showing the world how fabulous thrifty finds are, and how empowering for your daughters. You and your loved ones always look very classy and have a great individual sense of style.

Someone at work asked me recently, "Do you shop at Anthropologie?" and I said, "No, but I wear Anthropologie clothes." (Like a $4 skirt I got at a thrift shop). I feel like Molly Ringwald's Andy in Pretty in Pink when her father compliments her outfit and she boasts her thrift store find part of the outfit!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Beautiful photos Amy. You are so lucky your girl wears such beautiful clothes. Mine is all tom boy these days. I love getting anthro clothing for pennies. and that letterpress holder is the best!

Sewfast said...

Great finds and I love 3 Buck Chuck! I'll raise a glass to a good thrift shopping expedition!

Nelly said...

Oh wow great finds that table yes and that letter press double yes and you and daughter look gorgeous.

Shopping Golightly said...


I don't think I've ever clutched anything thrift as hard as I did that letter press box. It was very gross, needed serious cleaning and was taped up tight. I had no idea there were buttons inside; new vintage buttons, not a speck of dust on them! It really made me think about the last time these buttons saw daylight and who so tenderly sorted and arranged them. I like to think it was a granddaughter for her grandmother and she day dreamed about the dresses her grandmother would make with those buttons.

Shopping Golightly said...

Oh Nelly,

The drafting table! It's so cool and has random mixed paint splatters. I like to imagine the work designed on this table was done with bottles upon bottles of three buck chuck with a great passion.

You just can't build stories like that around new stuff.

Corvus said...

I just moved to Denver, and am slowly trying to figure out my favorite thrift stores (there are, after all, a lot to chose from). What an amazing letterpress box!

Anonymous said...

Lurve the cardi! See why it's a favourite. The letter press box is pretty cool too.


Shopping Golightly said...


Welcome to Denver! I cannot count how many stores Goodwill has opened in the last few years. My favorite is at Archer and Broadway - also my favorite staff, they're a lot of fun. I LOVE the women there! Goodwill has been in Denver for over a hundred years.Don't know how it started so early so far out west from its origins in Boston.

The ARC on Pecos off the Boulder Turnpike just shy of I70 always has a ton of curios. (It's by one of my favorite nurseries, Paulino Gardens. The other being Timberline.)

Amazing furniture and shoes can be found at the DAV on Alameda near, Bel Mar. There's an ARC a mile or so east of the DAV on Alameda too.

The Children's Hospital has a swank White Elephant, La Cache, on Downing near Speer. They sell mostly china but have a stellar annual sidewalk sale.

It used to be the Junior League but now I am uncertain but it's a small shop on Colfax west of The Tattered Cover.

If you like consignment, there are loads of stores on South Broadway, antique too. And of course there's a bustling Buffalo Exchange on 13th and Sherman.

If you're into architectural salvage, Queen City Salvage is ages old.

Have fun!

Parsimonia said...

Really loving the press drawer box and that scale! Great finds!

grace said...

That letterpress box is AMAZING. What an absolutely perfect way to store jewelry. I love it.

1 Buddha's Mom said...

I love your Nordstrom sweater!!! 2nd hand items rock:)

Lindsey A. Turner said...

Great finds! You look so good in that yellow top and skirt! I also love to thrift shop! I have a blog called Thrift and Shout! It's a blog about living fabulously without spending a fortune!

Lindsey Turner

AvaTrimble said...

But what happened to the buttons?!

Also: I am bright green with envy about that drafting table! Drafting tables are the best thing for patterning/cutting tables for sewing purposes, and that one is beeeeeeauuuutiful!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your finds! I check for new posts regularly and am always excited when there's a new one. You have such a stylish flair.

I also live in Denver (South Suburbs) and wonder where you get Three Buck Chuck?

Shopping Golightly said...


It's not really three-buck chuck, it's $3.99 from a mom & pop that - the on outside - is a blight to the West Wash Park neighborhood but on the inside is a small treasure, always featuring a selection of little finds for $3.99 right next to the more expensive. Who knows how they score the stuff. I just wish the outside of the building wouldn't look so liquor store scary. Going in make you feel like you need to call someone to report your last known place on the map just in case… If you’re curious, email me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what awesome finds!

Joy said...

Yes! It has been too long between "thrifty finds posts"...I actually revisited your lovely (over 300) photos in your collection on your main page!!! Hahahah! These are great additions! I imagine your new letterpress/jewelry box will be a forever item! How could it not?? I'm with "AvaTrimble"...what's the rest of the story of the buttons?? And I'm touched by the generous introduction to thrifting spots you shared with a new Denver-ian (?)! Good on you!!

AvaTrimble said...

Oh, and thanks for the info on Denver thrift stores - one of my dear friends is in Denver doing an internship over the summer, and knows no one there, but at least now he can get some good thrift shopping in, because I sent him the link to this post! :)

And really, you must tell us about the buttons!

Sherrie said...

Nice to see some of your finds again! I get a vicarious thrill from seeing what people score in the thrift shops. Our church is having a rummage sale this month so I'll be purging and donating things there. I hope I don't come home with more than I donate!

Thriftfully Modern Mommie said...

Hey! Just wanted everyone to know the bag the cat is in is made from thrifted fabric that I tea stained. I make gifts often from my stash of fabrics and notions purchased at thrift stores. This one was a birthday gift for a little girl in need of a French market bag to carry her baguettes home. Not only do we find great fashion at the local thrift - we can find the necessary supplies to create our own!