Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thrifting with teens

Need to convince a teen that thrift shopping's smart in price, quality and style? Show them this post. All items bought this week!

This Cache dress still has it's $278 store tags hanging. $4.99 off the Goodwill racks.

The same day we scored this darling dress in pristine, if not new, condition from Anthropologie for $4.99.

Followed by this Dress from Free People for $6.99.

It continued with this tank by Betsy Johnson for $8.99. (Don't understand the price difference between dresses and tops but no complaining.)

This top for $4.99.

The final score being these new Victorian inspired, tags still affixed, pair of shoes by Everybody that likely retailed around $200. The photo doesn't show the darling black leather buttons on the reverse side. (We were going to save these for a back to school, but couldn't wait.)

It really didn't end there. I also picked up vintage luggage, new Commercial aluminum pots, new Chinese Laundry sandals... Crazy, no?

In the madness to shoot these photos we forgot the 50's inspired hat from Urban Outfitters with tags still dangling.


Nelly said...

Me oh my what wonderful things you got.Teens need to learn that opping is the best but then many grown ups dont get it yet luckily for us xx

Anna Hardin said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful girl!!!

Frugal Down Under said...

Wow such gorgeous finds and a very beautiful young woman with good attitude to model them.

Today while at a shopping centre, I discovered one of my items I picked up and is on my market stall rack is currently in the shops for $69. I picked it up for $2 in an op-shop last month.

Last week I picked up a silk Paul and Joe Sister top for $8, brand new with tags. It retailed for $240! (I blogged about my finds on June 3rd).

It's just crazy what people discard. But lucky me I get them for a steal and I sell some of my finds to pay for my other goodies in life such as my plants and holidays.

I love your posts. Keep them coming :-)

Lyon Traveler said...

I love those shoes! You have inspired me to get out of the house and thrift it up. :)

Jackie said...

Great finds. My daughter and I love to shop our local thrift shops. We don't always get some great finds but when we do it is always exciting for her.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous finds! Fortunately, it didn't take much convincing for me to give thrifting a try when I was a teen. Don't you just love when someone compliments you on a bag, piece of jewelry or outfit and you tell them you got it at the thrift store? Gauging that reaction is always interesting. No shame here!

<3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

Anonymous said...

That Free People dress -- is it linen?

I'm a fiend for natural fibers. Unfortunately, this week I bought a jacket for DH -- 100% camel hair. But it turned out to be 2 sizes too small.

Oh, well, maybe one of the nephews would like a camel hair blazer.


Anonymous said...

Lovely clothing.
Gorgeous gal.
Is her hair pinned up or short or maybe both?

Shopping Golightly said...


Petite Poe's hair is both pinned and short. She's contemplating pin curls to. Tre chic!


No the dress is not linen but it is cotton.

DeeAnna said...

You are amazing! I can't wait to do my niece's back to school shopping at Goodwill!! I love that your daughter reaps the benefits of a thrifty mommy! (she is your identical twin...crazy!!) The shoes made me joke!

Sherrie said...

Aww...she looks adorable in her new things. What great finds! :-)

Anonymous said...

The boots are antho too! They were this season and VERY expensive. What a find!!

Vintage Scapes said...

Fabulous finds!! The things you can find at thrifts is just crazy! I absolutely adore the anthropologie dress.

Dhamma said...

your daughter looks like you!:) Dang a fashionista ditched her wardrobe. I'm not surprised though. I sell clothing on eBay and I'm still surprised what I find. SOOOOOO many items new with tags. About ninety percent of my wardrobe I paid a dollar for each item. Same with my husband.

Anonymous said...

What a great example you are setting for your daughter. Most teens are so spoiled & unspoiled kids are so refreshing.

I shopped in thrifts once or twice as a teen, mostly for Halloween costumes. I love thrifts now. If I only knew then what I know now (laughs). I could have really stretched my hard earned fast food paycheck back then and had a great wardrode to show for it.

Reneesance said...

I am literally swooning over those boots! They would be beautiful with all my steampunk costumes, now I am inspired to hope that I will find similar around here, although I find it probably unlikely. Gorgeous, as are all the other finds. What a lucky young lady to have such a thrift savvy mom!