Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Air their dirty laundry

Catherine over at The Vegan Good Life sent me another great story. I’m not a germaphobe, but do draw the line on buying underwear at thrift stores, even though they have the original retail tag still dangling.

I love debunking conventional retail myths. Here’s one on, yup, dirty underwear from The Today Show.

So again, I say wash ALL clothes when you bring them from ANY store.

You just might be paying a full price on something used in conventional retail stores.

So why should thrift be so gross?

Thanks Catherine!


PaperCameraScissor said...

i watched the today show this morning and that part just grossed me out. Thanks for the reminder--:D

Anonymous said...

Another advantage of thrifting! By the time the item enters its second life, the pesticides, etc., that 'protected' it during manufacture, in transit, and during storage are mostly washed out. Take a whiff during your next full-price department store outing--but don't breathe deeply or you'll be inhaling a chemical lab.

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Glad you liked the piece!

I noticed in the NBC story and others I've seen people including shoes as one of the things they won't buy used. I've found some great barely worn shoes at thrift. I find it curious people are so obsessed about germs from what they're wearing, but not so concerned about how the food they put in their body is produced.

I've bought thrifted swimsuits, which would fall under a related category. I just gave them a good wash. I don't think those hygienic labels, and the legions of people trying on the new stuff and throwing it on the floor of fitting rooms, offers great protection.

Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to venture into shoes, but now I simply shop for quality and minimal wear. I do best at high-end consignment boutiques, but do have thrifted shoes that I thoroughly enjoy. I even buy PJs now. Most are Christmas-themed flannels (which get donated new or nearly new), but like anything else, you need to look for wear, spooky spots, etc.

Colleen said...

OMG! Unbelievably disgusting! I'm going to send the link to all my "prim and proper" pals who think that my thrifting activities are somehow beneath them! Thanks for posting this!!!

Daisy said...

Laundry: most definitely. No matter what.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many people wash new underwear they buy. They should since most is made overseas and has been handled by dozens of hands. Buying decent used underwear is fine as long as you wash in hot water. ~Beth~

Anonymous said...

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