Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maybe there’s hope for our girls

A friend of a friend of a friend told me the BP section of Nordstrom is a good place to take a teen.

As written in last November's From gluteal cleavage to breat cleavage. Oh joy!, I’ve been at odds with the fashion industry’s approach to dressing young girls. Word up to all teen girls in America: we know you have boobs and butts – you don’t need to prove it by showing them off! Cleavage in middle school? Come on!

Petit Poe knows the value in thrift and is not embarrassed to say she wears it. Yet, there is this part of her, mostly influenced by friends, that thinks she’s supposed to go to the mall and buy new clothes. Problem is, the stores that cater to these girls are just plain tacky and are teaching our girls to show the junk in the trunk whenever they wish. These stores preach nothing but buy little tiny t-shirts for a lot of money.

The American youth is becoming more and more ignorant of context and few in the fashion industry are considering it. I’ve seen kids in sagging shorts and flip flops going to interviews in November. Wow. That’s a great way to make a first impression.

Standing on my soapbox I announce that many Americans are losing the notion of context. Let’s take Lady Gaga. If she wants to kick off her concert being carried on stage in a plastic pod, so be it. But, when she attends the Grammy’s there appears to be a complete lack of understand the evening is NOT about her. Making a spectacle out of one’s self at a night that honors many, is selfish, ignorant and rude. It’s kind of like showing up to your friend’s wedding in your own wedding gown. Now, I’m stepping down from my soapbox.

I grabbed Poe’s hand, told her we are going to Nordstrom and Nordstrom only. Initially, she rolled her eyes but once in the BP section things changed. Compared to thrift the prices are crazy but compared to other chain retailers, Nordstrom BP is not out of line and delivers a higher quality product. For the first time in two years Poe bought a dress that we both approved! Here’s the real kicker – the entire event took about a half hour! If you’re a mother to a teen, you’re probably thinking I’m in denial. What I wrote really happened! Really!

Now we visit BP. There are a few items that push my limits, but the larger teaches girls respectable style.

How does this relate to thrift? Easy, Poe buys one item she likes at BP. Then when at the thrift, she has some understanding of current fashion that has taste and finds comparable items.

If you have a teen daughter, take her to Nordstrom BP. It’s tasteful and not overwhelming. I loathe Forever 21. That store is like walking into someone’s dirty closet. I’ve seen young girls buying dresses made for a night at the club. Problem is they’re about seven years away from being able to step foot in a club. What’s the rush?

The club scene? I stuck with the black ballet top, men's Levi's 501, silver-hooped earrings and black boots. Been there, done that. Probably paid out enough in cover charges and cab fares to put as down payment for a house. I'm not naive and would hate to see how women are dressing on the club scene. Shiver.

Oh, I heard the news day oh boy...Abercrombie & Fitch attempted to market push-up bikini tops to eight year olds for this season. Thank you Saver Queen for highlighting this. Wow, and I thought nothing could top the nine-year-old I know of who stuffs her half camisole top with tissue paper!