Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thrifting, the New Black that keeps you in the black, and a little more Green.

  1. Thrifting is Green, the fine art of reuse, recycle, and re-style. Americans need to shed silly, spoiled, wasteful notions that if it’s not NEW it’s EWW! America’s waste stream is massive and we’re not talking potty.
  2. Thrifting supports charity. Don’t have the funds to make direct donations to worthy causes? Your shopping habits can.
  3. Thrifting is economical and can knock thousands of dollars off an annual budget without knocking the quality of many products.
  4. Thrifting diverts mass market spending into a market of one-of-a-kinds and originals. This dares shoppers to learn more about their own preferences and sense of style. Why allow anyone else that opportunity?
  5. The thrift store just may be the only store in this country without pushy sales people with fakey smiles acting like they really care about the shopping experience. The floor staff at a thrift store has but one purpose: stock items.
  6. Thrifting is a lesson in the treasures our culture tosses and the crap people keep. Looked in your own closet lately?
  7. Once immersed in thrifting couture, shout a big, “Say what?” to department store prices, and run from a commissioned floor staff!


Cool Threads said...

The style factor is pretty high. For most friendly social gatherings, I could go to my ARC and be set to go. I've gotten loads of compliments while wearing items I've picked up for a few bucks - and they're some of the best items in my closet!

I like to score something sweet. Sometimes I'll even hide items on the rack so no-one else will find them until I have a chance to get back, just like in a "real" store.

Beats me why people toss what they do. Whatever. Their loss, my gain.

Anonymous said...





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