Thursday, January 22, 2009

You’ve gotta get yourself a pair of Snake Eyes!

This Snake Eyes technique is, well, its wow! No! Beyond wow! I just had an incredible day.

I’m not ashamed of Snakes Eyes. When my daughters are present, I select one of my three pairs of new Dana Buchman sunglasses that I picked up at Goodwill for $1.99 each so that I don’t embarrass my children.

I’ve dreamed of finding Limoges porcelain. I’ve found Wedgwood many times, but Limoges is the crème de la crème. I finally found my first piece of vintage L. Bernardaud & Co. Limoges at the Broadway Goodwill in Engelwood! Say it like the French, lee-mawzh. This white and gold (probably 22 karat) covered dish was $4.99. I’ve yet to find a match for it on the Internet but, be assured, I will. (I say that with Dwight Schrute certainty.)

Why was I after Limoges porcelain? During World War II, my grandfather was a very young soldier in 12th Armored Division better known as the Hellcats. During this time, many families in Lunéville, France offered hospitality to these soldiers awaiting orders to march into Germany. Kathryn was the matriarch of the family my grandfather stayed with and they grew to be dear friends. He has since been back twice with my grandmother to reconnect. Someday, I plan to take my family to meet Kathryn’s. I know they are still living in the same house, the family has lived there for many generations than I have gray hairs. This is a journey I must take. It’s in my blood. I will bring this Limoges covered dish as a gift and bring this beautiful piece back to where it truly belongs. What else would I show up with? Corelle?

I need a moment to dab the tears with my vintage hankie. Okay, composure.

I went to the ARC on Federal and Hooker. (Yes, there’s a street in Denver named Hooker.) On went the Snake Eyes. The treasures flew off the racks and into my cart! I didn’t even need to touch them! Well, maybe I touched a few but I walked away with another like new, if not new sweater from Anthropologie for $3.99; a cashmere sweater from Sax for $4.99; and an Echo purse with price tag of $88 still dangling for $4.99. And I purchased a very rare book published in 1917, “A Treasury of War Poetry.” It was $3.99. (I know a certain bibliophile.)

While at this ARC, I found today’s tour de thrift, a ceramic decanter that looks a lot like Droopy Dog with a bandage tied round his chin, the stopper being the knot of the bandage. This lovely piece, in pristine condition, sits a top a ceramic music box and spins round to "How Dry I Am." This makes Dogs Playing Poker look like a sweet sixteen party with pink poodles sipping Shirley Temples with paper umbrellas. I’m offering this up to Bill Geist of CBS Sunday Morning in hopes he’ll come thrift with me, Snake Eyes style. I’m shameless.

I really am shameless. I ended the day playing salon for reals with my daughters, Poe and Pie, and a box of Revlon Frost & Glow. That’s right. I put on the ugly plastic cap and my daughters took turns pulling strands of hair through the plastic with the crochet needle thingy. Pie, my youngest was truly dedicated and adept to the task. She loves stuff like that. She even knits, which reminds me that I picked up a bag of at least 20 pairs of knitting needles (metal and wooden) at the Goodwill on Broadway and Archer. Anyway, my daughters actually did a nice job. But, I do miss the salon and I don’t think Snake Eyes is going to work there. But, having my daughters tend to my hair was a bonding experience; one I know they will laugh about when I’m too old to know what they’re laughing about and then I’ll do something like pee on their couch, a sort of unknowing poetic justice.

To see Snake Eye's watch this segment "Little Big Guy" from Little Big Man. Now get on over to a mirror and start practicing!


Songbirdtiff said...

You have a real talent. It can't hurt that you live in the retail center of the world. :)

In Arkansas, well, there aren't that many options. Oh well, I'll make do. I did get a set of vintage Wedgewood tea cups and saucers from my mom-in-law. I love her.

Shopping Golightly said...

My Dear Friend in AK,

I believe it's there. AK is a lot older than CO. Older is good.

I wrote this for you. Sing to "I'm A Believer"

I thought luck was only found in retail sales
Grabbed by someone else but not by me.
Naught was all that’s for me
That's the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my schemes.

Then I saw his face [Dustin Hoffman's Snake Eyes], now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in luck, I'm a believer!
Eyes can’t cheat me if they tried.

I thought luck was more or less a purchased thing,
The more I bought and bought the less I got.
What's the use in tryin'?
All you get is pain.
All my efforts ended in financial drain.

Then I saw his face, now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in luck, I'm a believer!
Eyes can’t cheat me if they tried.

Sing it now!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bill Geist! It would be a great segment! Good luck!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh, ladies after my own heart. First time visitor - found through Financial Bliss - love this!!

Songbirdtiff said...

Um, I apparently lost my mind. I thought you were in NYC! No more excuses then! It would seem I need a little more practice absorbing those details. lol

Maybe it's just that I wish I lived in NYC.

Linda Crispell said...

After a full day of using snake eyes I have been known to develop a migraine. I think it has something to do with a rush of adrenaline and pushing little old ladies out of my way at church rummage sales.

Shopping Golightly said...


Little old lady or not, if they get in the way of Snake Eyes...

I say no fault insurance when it comes to Snake Eyes.