Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Absolving Thrift Stores

The previous post, Standing Naked in a Thrift Store, discusses the crap that lands in such stores, but it also notes that thrift stores are a mirror of sorts reflecting the new market. It’s only fitting to follow up with a post touting the recent treasure I’ve found by shopping thrift.

My daughter, Petite Poe and I, are pictured in our recent double Anthropologie score from Goodwill. Each dress cost us $7.99. Petite Poe’s can be currently found on the racks at Anthropologie for $178. My velvet dress will be lovely for the holidays.

Today and yesterday found me at three stores where I purchased:

1. A beautiful 11” Le Creuset Oval Au Gratin for $2.99. It retails new for $90. My Francophile friend will love me, unless I decide to keep it.

2. An in the box, Cross Tech Pencil; chrome without the slightest scratch for $3.99. It retails new for $50 on the Cross website. Mr. Golightly needs to maintain his professional image.

3. A B Rogers silver footed ice bucket with attached lid for $3.99. It’s requiring a load of elbow grease but is polishing up nicely. I’ve been waiting for the right ice bucket for years. Now, I feel so refined with such an elegant one. I’ve yet to find one like it on the Internet.

4. Two Merino wool turtlenecks, both high-end brands for $5 each and a cashmere turtleneck for $7. I was shocked to learn that the Vince sweater sells at Barney's and Sax! (My old black turtleneck mistakenly flew into the dryer. No worries, I paid $5 and it now looks darling on Little Pie.) As Thriftfully Modern Mommie writes in A Solid Foundation, the black wool turtleneck is a fundamental piece to the classic wardrobe.

5. Five recent edition hardback books donated to my daughter’s school along with several staplers and hole punchers all for $1 a piece. As in Back to School Thrift, we learn these stores are excellent sources for classroom needs; especially as education keeps getting hit with serious budget cuts across the nation and schools turn to parents.
Off with the crappy vision and on with the Snake Eyes to find the treasure and be rewarded.

Oh, and I’m lamenting the one purchase I did not make today. It was a beautiful antique bamboo stationary rocking chair. It was beautiful! Priced at just $30 it was $25 over my Flinch Point but would have been worth it. I just don’t have room for it. Ah well, I’m certain it’s already purchased because it’s Thrift or Miss.

I almost forgot to mention these Old Navy jeans. I bought them half-off for $2.49.

What have you found that you wish to brag about?


jb said...

I love it when you post all of your great finds! Keep up the great blog. :)

Shopping Golightly said...

Thank you JB,

The funny things is, items are so easy to find when you get into the thrifting groove.

My wish is to get more people participating in this market making more product available, more funds for charity, and less items getting lost in landfills.

Saver Queen said...

I'm still proud of my like-new Levis jeans that look fabulous on me, and are super comfy too. I've also gotten lots of compliments on a like-new long, black hooded sweater - it is perfect for every season! I am looking forward to wearing my nautical-themed top as well. I wore it while in Stockholm this summer and was told that I fit right in! Apparently nautical stripes are trendy there! All items were cheap, thrifted finds.

Oh and I also found a Geordie La Forge ceramic mug, but that wouldn't interest anyone other than big trekkie geeks like me!

Marcie said...

I've gotten several pairs of shoes for my 15 month old son for $1 to $5 a pair. Brands like Nike, Timberland, and Elefanten. All in great shape that retail new from $50 to $70 a pair. Who buys these things new??? I don't know, but I love it!

Elizabeth B said...

Oh my word, Le Creuset. Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Quick trips to the thrifts are the ticket. I've never gotten near a le creuset anything in the stores, but I've lots of "you never see these in thrift stores" purchases. The latest find was a nearly new, sturdy Manhasset music stand for $4.89 plus tax (retails at $42).

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of 6 (4 bio sons & 2 adopted daughters)and foster parent to infants. So thrifting and consignment is the primary way to shop in our house. I was looking for a portable crib like they use at daycare ctrs (a pack n play can't be a primary sleeping space). I walked into Goodwill on a whim one Saturday and there sat my crib for $22 (it retails for $124 @ Babies R Us). I literally did a happy dance in the aisle!

I also found a super soft Abercrombie long sleeve thermal shirt at American Family for $3.49. It is my 17 yr old son's favorite shirt! Happy Days!

Joanne n' Brad said...

I was looking for school uniforms for my kids, when on a whim I strolled past the women's shoes. Some beautiful dress boots caught my eye. The original Nordstrom's tag was still on the bottom and the retail price was $119. They fit perfectly and look new. The thrift store price was $10. I was on a mission that day and decided to leave them behind, and stayed true to my list and budget (I didn't have money to spend on myself that day). Later in the week, I went back just to see if the boots were still there. Not only were they still there, miraculously, but they were now half price. I got them for $5! Still on cloud 9 about it a month later.

Amanda said...

I bought this *beautiful* vintage typewriter in near perfect condition, still works and everything. Price? $1.50! i about died!

isn't it just pretty?

Anonymous said...

Favorite purchases ... there are so many!

Here are a few from this summer:

Sandals for SeaStorm:

I paid $3.

Sandals for me (like these, but with no heel):

I paid $6.

4 accessory blades for my (previously-thrifted) Cuisinart -- $7.00

And wonderful books -- comic books, gardening books, childrens' literature. All between 25-cents and $1 apiece.


BeaK. said...

I totally love your blog and wouldn't think of shopping any other way than our Goodwill store...found brand new...still had the tags...London Fog all weather, ankle length with the swag beltet back...steel blue/grey, fully lined, just beautiful and a perfect fit....are you ready for this ? 99 that a deal or what ?

Love it, love the concept behing thrift shopping.

Way to go girls~

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

Avrila said...

Some friends and I have kind of an online play school going. My sister thought, a while back, that she might be interested in running an Anatomy/Physiology class for it, since she took a college-level one in high school, except that she couldn't find a book to base it on for less that $150 and that's a lot of money to drop into something just for fun.

I went thrifting today and found an A&P textbook, probably from the junior college across the street from me. The posted price for textbooks at Goodwill is $10...I called my sister up and she said, at that price, grab it. I grabbed it and got to the register, and they rang it up as a hardback, not a textbook. $2. For a book that cost about $200 new.

I also found a shirt I like with a tag about 3 sizes smaller than I usually fit into. Instant weight loss by randomly wearing a different brand! :)

victoria winters said...

Where the heck do you live because there are NOT sweet finds like this in Nashville! No fair! I was just drooling over that green and white dress on Anthropologie's website last night! It's still expensive, even on sale!

those tricks said...

Just came across your blog.
I, too, am addicted to thrifting.
Between Buffalo Exchange an thrift stores, my wardrobe is 90% resale.
I've found like-new Escada pants for $2.99, 2 Bottega Veneta icon bags ($2.99 & $5.99), Neiman Marcus Cashmere for $3.99 and the list goes on and on and on. I look forward to every hunt and almost always find at least one item.
Just added you guys to my bloglovin. Looking forward to following!