Monday, October 12, 2009

More are inspired to purge!

This just came in from a new reader:
"I am more in a mode of getting rid of stuff, as more stuff seems to creep into this tiny, but well-built, 1955 house…I have done little shopping…and I have not missed it…I keep asking myself, ‘What do we NEED?’”

This from reader and celebrated activist Kim Bent:

I think I appreciate your name more and more! Though not really a shopper, I am a saver. I cleaned out this week. What I thought would be a three-day weekend, turned into six days of sorting and organizing. Some decisions were easy and some were not. But, I did it! I donate yearly to organizations and, again, I do not consider myself a shopper. But it was disturbing to "see" all the stuff we decided we did not use and could part with. Boy can stuff accumulate! I am going to make an effort to shop thrift shops more when looking for items I need. It saves water, electricity, transportation, and packaging costs. And it feels GOOD!

I believe we should listen to Kim’s revelations. She is one active, smart and involved woman. She founded Catch the Science Bug, a childrens television show that airs on Rhode Island PBS, has an extensive website, and sponsors science enrichment programs in schools.
Thank you Kim for your comment. It is something special coming from such an inspiring person.

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