Thursday, February 17, 2011

A real peach of a woman from Georgia

Every once in a while a little gem lands in my in box that I like to share. This note came from an attorney in Georgia. Though I love that she’s participating in the thrift market, the thing that touches me most is that she uses the money she saves from thrift to help her justify more pro-bono work! Becky, as far as I’m concerned, we need more people like you. Her recent thrift scores are mixed in with the copy. Godspeed Becky!

(Editor's Note: OMG how darling!)

Hi Shopping Golightly!

Thought you’d like to hear about my recent success.

I went to a trunk show at a friend’s house a few days ago and was tempted to buy a very cute but very EXPENSIVE jacket.

(Editor's Note: I love zipper pull jackets! They've an uncluttered, crisp look.)

When I go to trunk shows, I feel a compulsion to buy items to support the hostess plus a daunting peer pressure to jump on the spending bandwagon!

The temptation? A darling cropped yellow gingham jacket. It looked quite retro.

But wait a second! It reminded me of many of the jackets I’ve spied at Goodwill during previous perusals.

So, THIS TIME instead of pulling out my credit card at the trunk show, I went to Goodwill afterwards to see what was hanging on the racks.

I walked out with FIVE nice jackets for just $24.00, less than $5.00 each. WOW! My five jackets were a small fraction of the cost of the jacket that started this at the trunk show.

They are perfect for work. Add a camisole from and scarf from my collection, and I am prepared to meet clients. They will never know what I paid for my look!

Keeping my “overhead” in line allows me to do more pro-bono work and not feel guilty. It’s a win win!

Thanks for making the reuse market an exciting and rewarding treasure hunt where you can come home with a SPLENDID bargain not a guilt trip!

Alpharetta, GA


Marilyn said...

Yea! An attorney with a heart for others. Great looking clothes! ♥♫

Someone said...

She did really well! What great jackets. And love the "Polyvore on the floor!" Well done!

grace said...

Yay Becky! Love that last white jacket.

alphawoman said...

I absolutely love going to Goodwill stores to find loot! Alas, I am living in an area with very sparce offerings at the Goodwill. Now Cincinnati! Wow! I can't wait to visit Cinti in the future. Great look she found. Plus, I find the Goodwill very overpriced in this area. A jacket in the stores around here are priced around $7.50 Add our 9.75% sales taz - yikes!

Jennifer said...

Wow!!! She scored!!! My favorite is the first outfit. So chic! And great attitude, reasoning. We definitely need more people like that in the world.

Anonymous said...

Totally cute!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I have to go to a Southern wedding this summer, and I'm a t-shirt-and-jeans kinda gal.

Today, I found a nice skirt suit in pale blue at the thrift store. I hesitated to buy it, thinking that wearing it, I'd look older than I am.

The friendly ladies at the thrift reassured me, but I came home wondering if I'd wasted my $5. Oh, well, it's a good cause.

Well, reading your post made me feel a lot better. Those outfits look classy, not ancient.

This isn't exactly the set that I found, but it's similar.

Now, I'm off to put it in the wash, and then to lose 10 pounds by June so that I can wear it!

Thanks, Georgia Peach and Thrifty Chicks,

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. The looks are professional without being stuffy. The price=fabulous.

Summer said...

(jaw hits floor) What finds! I especially like the ridiculous pink one.

I found a really cute beige-and-white tapestry jacket yesterday. Winter clearance = 90% off = $0.30. Cha. Ching!!