Monday, April 6, 2009

Catch ‘em while they’re young

The credit industry is so tired of hounding Mr. Golightly and I to take on more cards they’ve finally given up. Hallelujah!

Now American Express is offering both our daughter’s free airline tickets for becoming esteemed card members. They even sent along fakey boarding passes with their names printed right on ‘em. Litte Pie’s convinced she’s going to Paris. That ticket looks pretty real when you’re eight and why should a silly little word like “sample” spoil the fun? The kid is packing and ready to give any ticket agent a big what for that denies her.

There’s a few hitches with the credit application process for my children. What do we list household income? We haven’t reported allowances or babysitting income. We thought reporting would land us in a trap with child labor laws.

Forget the Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar, can’t you just hear Veruca Salt with that snappy British accent, “Oh Daddy I want an American Express Card and I want it now!” Pray that never be my child! What would my Mamaw or Grandmother Hardin think, lending agents after their grandchildren!


emily said...

Wow, and I thought visa applications for college students was evil! Good to know that the credit card industry is now trying what worked for the tobacco industry for so long.

Renee said...

I remember being 10 and getting a phone call (back when they did such things) saying that I was pre approved for a credit card. My mother had great fun giving the phone to me and letting me talk to the salesperson. It was a short conversation though :( and I thought I was preapproved! *hehe*

Saver Queen said...

It's awfully disturbing the way they target children, isn't it!

Renee - that's hilarious! I wish I could have heard that phone conversation! Your mom must have had a good laugh!

miss c said...

That's pretty funny! Last thing I heard, American Express was offering people $300 to CLOSE their accounts because so many are going into default at the moment. Playboy sent my brother a "sign up for your subscription" card when he was about 12 (he's 14 now).

andrea said...